What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    The script was inspired by an old article from my friend Tim Urban, who runs “Wait but Why”, the best blog on the internet, make sure to check it out. waitbutwhy.com It’s so easy to get lost in your daily life: there are so many “urgent” and “annoying” things that you forget that actually every day is special, sort of. And even more so the days we have with friends and family. I know watching a video like this can hit pretty hard. But at least for me, the message it tries to convey does make me actually change my behavior. Reprioritize things. You know. Hope it had a similar effect for some of you. Also, if you want to track how many weeks off your life you have left or get a new perspective on this stuff, we’ve made a few posters you can check out. Getting something from our shop is the best way to support our channel. kgs.link/N3Ksfqvp In any case, call someone you haven’t called in a while today. And thank you for watching. - Philipp

    • 햄스터햝짝햝짝

      한국어 자막도 부탁드려요 ㅠㅠ,,,

    • Psycho1416

      This is the most depressing video I've seen in years although it's one of the best ever. So please guys,reply to me,what are you doing with your life?

    • cyrus jyrell cartoons
      cyrus jyrell cartoons

      I totally love this channel im a totally fan if this i hope you get more money for your videos I'm a supreme fan of this channel!!!

    • CC Gaming
      CC Gaming


    • GoldenPlayRoblox

      What the heck?? The average kurzgesagt viewer is 25???? I stated watching kurzgesagt when I was 12-13 Jesus I am on a different level.

  • NamrA_ Music
    NamrA_ Music

    Kurzgesagt is so wonderful, thank you for making me want to be happy. I'm crying right now I need sleep.

  • ×xX itz_zaii Xx×
    ×xX itz_zaii Xx×

    im only 15 years old and i miss 16 years ago where i didnt exist on this stupid planet. they call home its not my own

  • Tigrela

    All this is valid if you are in a country with good opportunities..

  • Pro Steven
    Pro Steven

    The only word I leaned from this video WARHAMMER

  • Mike Nierwinski
    Mike Nierwinski

    Most our veiwers are 25. Me being 19 lmao

  • Hazim Irsyad
    Hazim Irsyad

    Whoops there goes my will to go on

  • JAN Dg
    JAN Dg

    Good question -litterally every life form

  • Unnamed Groove
    Unnamed Groove

    who is peeling onnions ? :')

  • BigBossIsBack

    Remember that no matter what you do, you'll spend 1/3 of your life asleep in bed

  • Omarexe

    im just literally wasting time of my entire life

  • A V D
    A V D

    I'm literally crying while watching this 😭😭

  • Gabriel Maddern
    Gabriel Maddern


  • Pappala Siddhartha
    Pappala Siddhartha

    I don't even want to live!! When I achieve my dream I will die!!

  • Gaming J.A.C
    Gaming J.A.C

    “1 out of 20 people watching this video will live to 100” being be the 19th person, damn

  • Sebastian Fabre
    Sebastian Fabre

    Stopped playing Sekiro to watch this ... Sees this 1:04

  • RandomTim84

    @ 7:17. Literally re-started old Warhammer hobby during Covid after a 20 year break.

  • Rayane Hamaidi
    Rayane Hamaidi

    That part with the parents really hit me hard

  • Zackery Lamb
    Zackery Lamb

    Totally not having an existential crisis in my brain rn Life is long- but the average makes it short. And it makes you dread the things that could happen to you- you think about it over and over and you get anxiety. That crush you have? You want to meet her and be with her, but any day now you could just- die. And she could be with someone else. And all of that comes crashing down in my head. I’m kinda mentally prepared for it after thinking such things over and over but like- yeah it’s some crazy stuff

  • a guy
    a guy


  • Murilo Theodoro
    Murilo Theodoro

    i'd love to buy a calendar of your life but shipping it to my country would be too expensive. Is there a way I can buy a virtual copy to print at home?

  • UHFStation1

    I'm 40. I can't remember my best or even most memories from before 25. And it is depressing to think that people over 90 often can't remember ever having parents themselves. I hope I die at 60 and go to an afterlife. Some place that lets me live the life I wanted to.

  • bryle smith
    bryle smith

    Awwww this makes me sad 😔

  • Rishabh Lakhmani
    Rishabh Lakhmani

    The parent's thing is not applicable for Asian kids. We were and will never leave our parents alone.

  • elfiejae

    this makes me depressed

  • RustedPlays

    Thanks for reminding me to spend more time with my family. This is actually the first docuemtary about spending time with my family that made me cry

  • Saurabh Tiwari
    Saurabh Tiwari

    This is such a beautiful video!! ❤️

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori

    Of all the videos about existential crisis this is BY FAR the most terrifying. Forget about Black holes, Dark matter or entropy. THIS.

  • Danio Aalders
    Danio Aalders

    "5.200 weeks" if you live till 100?! Great now i feel pressured to do things because 5.200 is not a lot

  • M F-H
    M F-H

    The moment i realise what the Kurzgesagt music has reminded me of, all these years. Like a jazzy version of Mad World. How fitting.

  • Eric Nyeste
    Eric Nyeste

    lol, warhammer minis.

  • Naïdé Bétis
    Naïdé Bétis

    I saw this video 3 days ago. Still not okay. DELETE

  • No one
    No one

    thank you

  • The Netos
    The Netos

    -I'm not crying you're crying!

  • ok

    I don’t know, I have also been questioning this for a really long time.

  • Amna Sharif
    Amna Sharif

    am 16 right now and I've experienced being rich, broke, falling in love heartbreaks, getting a job, creating my empire all in my mind lol... i think my life is about to end when it's not even properly started if that makes sense

    • Amna Sharif
      Amna Sharif

      @Acs Aaaa2 lol i guess m sorry

    • Acs Aaaa2
      Acs Aaaa2

      Umm I’m sorry but this comment over heats my head :/

  • Deadshot Gaming
    Deadshot Gaming

    It’s weirdly soothing and satisfying to watch.

  • Pratham Lokhande
    Pratham Lokhande

    We have this life is a sufficient thing to be happy😉

  • chips_vis

    Tysm for your efforts

  • chips_vis

    My life is the only thing i am fuckin up

    • Acs Aaaa2
      Acs Aaaa2


  • RyderGaming

    The mechanic at 2:53 under the wobbling jackstands is not gonna make it to 100.

  • Bad Peanut
    Bad Peanut

    8:08 my current weaknesses, i can't decide what should i do next after ton of failure in the past, i'm afraid of changing and make another wrong decision, sadge 20yo me

  • gabo ortega
    gabo ortega

    The indicate video for a night of insomnia

  • Khail Kupsky
    Khail Kupsky

    Only the germs have already engineered their lives ahead of time already knowing… look at the automobiles they make….lucky Deutsch

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy

    me every night at 3am :- What am I Doing With my Life?

  • 佐伯ハルモ

    It feels like my 521st week with this Chanel and I wanted to thank everyone on the team for the amazing animations, stories, knowledge and effort put into each video. Good luck with your merchandise and I hope to see you in another 500 weeks.

  • Keith November
    Keith November

    I'm 38 when watching this, and the average viewer (as you say) is round 25 years old. . ... Guess I'm above average.

  • Saeed Ahamed
    Saeed Ahamed

    the first 7 minutes almost feels like it was made to be depressing

  • NotAnthMc

    but i’m 10....

  • Sunny Skies
    Sunny Skies

    3:11 пересматриваю уже несколько раз и только-только заметил водку тоску :) I watch this several times already and just noticed "vodka anguish"

  • Angel Hernandez Vega
    Angel Hernandez Vega

    Damn, I came here to learn not cry

  • DihydrogenMonoxide

    Unrelated, but can you do a video on election security?

  • Will Rosales
    Will Rosales

    Awesome Philosophy

  • pagina por favor
    pagina por favor

    I want to enjoy life, I've been grinding against my nature and I have grow but I'm not as driven as my colleagues. :P one day I will be able to sleep 8-10 hours a day, see the sun and enjoy life, hopefully working happily.

  • Lucas Perna
    Lucas Perna

    cade o prtugues

  • Matheus Simoes
    Matheus Simoes

    Life itself is a gift, be gratefull

  • Lima Meisem Cuspir
    Lima Meisem Cuspir

    I think the idea of a life calendar may be fun but also deperating for some people, because you'll see how many days of your life have you wasted. I May be on both categories :|

  • nhentai

    I'm thirteen and I love these video's. Sorry for growing up.

  • xd derpy
    xd derpy

    Am I the only one in primary school watching this

  • Diogo Macena
    Diogo Macena

    I "love" how Kurzgesagt is slowly becoming a trigger to my panic disorder.

  • Charbel Chaak
    Charbel Chaak

    would be better if you used "someone" instead of '"you" when stating causes of death, makes one feel less depressed/sad

  • Brayzaroo

    I was picking up a brownie when I saw the notification pop up “What are you doing with your life?” Needless to say I’m eating a salad now

  • Artur Abizgeldin
    Artur Abizgeldin

    perhaps best your video

  • Tamtakır Kurubakır
    Tamtakır Kurubakır

    I can't like enough.

  • Caminged

    4:45 great video to watch before boarding a plane

  • Suramya Gupta
    Suramya Gupta

    i didnt come here to get depressed

  • Zokerino

    Almost made me cry :( *great video tho*

  • Brianna Leigh
    Brianna Leigh

    as always, thank you for the existential crisis

  • BRzbazzanx

    Dead heart and dead brain. Older dead.

  • BRzbazzanx

    Damn don't dead old human. 😥

  • Hài Lòng Không
    Hài Lòng Không

    kurzgesagt started out as a prospect channel and the tragedy is it get what it want. Now there is nothing to do anymore except posting meaningless video and let the ignorant and rubbish comments take over.

  • JackJuggernaut

    I didn’t learn anything new. I feel like y’all are just tryna give me anxiety and then pretend that you’re doing a good thing by calming me down or enlightening me afterward. Existential dread will hit us regardless, so maybe it’s better to let us cope and not draw our minds to it unnecessarily. Y’all are selling the disease and the cure at the same time.

    • Acs Aaaa2
      Acs Aaaa2

      God only helps those who help them selves and finding the meaning under that meaning people talk about their lazy experience

    • Acs Aaaa2
      Acs Aaaa2

      Just imagin what people in other countries go through because you have the rights to explore but don’t just sit there just to wait for happiness to bump over you again just find it in your heart and chase over that joy you want!

    • Acs Aaaa2
      Acs Aaaa2

      I understand that sounds like the wrong answer but just because you never tried you can not succeed. You can ignore the useless things what school taught you and find joy on the tinniest things of your life.

  • Tux


  • Tsz Ching Cheung
    Tsz Ching Cheung

    “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” - a wise person

  • Tsz Ching Cheung
    Tsz Ching Cheung

    This made me so much more emotional than I expected. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Çağdaş Şahin
    Çağdaş Şahin

    I haven’t any time 😒.I wish TIMEEE !!!

  • Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO
    Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO

    I'm 25 and I'm already believe I wasted all this time. Thnks for the video.

  • CKT

    the people who live in Greece on a Greek island I don't remember the name almost all the people who live on the island live 100 years

  • Flavio Maia
    Flavio Maia

    Beautiful video. Congrats.

  • James Hodgkinson
    James Hodgkinson

    PSA, guys: maybe avoid this one if you're having a down day... you won't feel too bouncy afterwards

  • Pelle Peanut Fischer Dichmann
    Pelle Peanut Fischer Dichmann

    I give people Newspapers and My dad gives ads to help me and when i don't need help with it he goes and then i give Them alone. hes still going to live... I Hope. and i'm only 13

  • Flavio Maia
    Flavio Maia

    In Brazil the videos isn't free, there are ad yet.

  • Speedwagon Foundation
    Speedwagon Foundation

    Well...guess ill die now🤷‍♂️

  • iann parsons
    iann parsons

    I love you Kurzgesagt

  • Hrishikesh Patil
    Hrishikesh Patil

    Are you watching while lying on a coach.. !? 😄

  • 햄스터햝짝햝짝

    한국어 자막도 부탁드려요 ㅠㅠ,,,

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    "What are you doing with your life?" Playing video games for all of my free time and wanting to die. Thanks for checking in though

  • IC

    Video, that created by my mom. "FIND NORMAL WORK, NOW!!!"

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      3:11 Bottle with vodka Me: СОЮЗ НЕРУШИМЫЙ РЕСПУБЛИК СВОБОДНЫХ

  • TGS m
    TGS m

    thanks for ANOTHER EXISTENTIAL crisis

  • Shreedhar Gangwar
    Shreedhar Gangwar

    ISnets : psss , hey kid do you want some depressing candy rolled in wrapper of existential crisis Me : No sorry not into that. ISnets : It has colorful cheerful animations. Me : Yes please!

  • Sam

    Holy shit, I do have to finish painting my warhammer minis

  • Samat Omar
    Samat Omar

    I know that this comment is gonna get lost in tons of other comments, but I just wanna disappear & become smthing like a ghost in order to be just a spectator

  • Your Average Everyday Blood Angel
    Your Average Everyday Blood Angel

    Fear not death for it is nature's intent, instead fear a death devoid of purpose.

  • mel

    [cue existential crisis and panic]

  • 夏義喆

    Good stuff

  • Elliot Slade
    Elliot Slade

    well just had a panic attack watching this

  • AN HAN
    AN HAN

    well that's depressing and motivating at same time.

  • {[Insert name Here]}
    {[Insert name Here]}

    All of these videos are giving me an existential crisis but I can’t stop watching them.

  • imaginative creations
    imaginative creations

    Universe created.. atoms started combining.. and started creating a complex system, life origin started.. finally bunch of atoms got consciousness. . And they start thinking about survival, they started killing other living things, cutting tress , murdering people's, defending opponents, just to earn more and spend better life on earth.. meanwhile earth left the chat and universe apologies for his mistake (giving consciousness to stupid people's)

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

    The childlike agreement serendipitously wipe because advertisement electronmicroscopically tease against a fascinated border. venomous, frantic soy

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